Missing some of those amazing shows from the Middle East? Looking for a way to stay connected with family overseas? With the Magic TV Box from 011 Communications, we can get you set up with tons of Arabic TV channels (and provide you with an international phone plan to catch up with relatives!)

Magic TV’s Channels are selected with YOU in mind!
Magic TV Box is definitely not your average everyday Arabic IPTV service. 011 Communications has done its part to choose a collection of the best of Arabic TV  from Egypt and the Middle East to meet your demands. There are now more than 100 Arabic TV channels that will satisfy every taste for every person. Choose from Arabic movie channels, drama channels, news channels, sports channels, music channels, talk show channels, cooking channels and more!

Magic TV Box brings you Arabic movies on demand!
Watch the newest Egyptian Arabic movies with the click of a button. The best and most recommended movies are available at your fingertips when you order now with Magic TV Box. Plus, we don’t just provide you with all of the best new releases that are only available exclusively through our Magic TV Box service. You’ll have access to over 1,000 Egyptian Arabic movies. We’re sure you’ll find one that suits your desires.

Magic TV Box brings you Arabic radio stations!
When you call 011 Communications to enroll in Magic TV Box services, you will enjoy choosing from a variety of radios stations that broadcast from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and the Arabian Gulf. Appreciate entertainment via the radio with music, news and even sports!

Magic TV Box brings you TV series on demand!
In addition to all of the wonderful movies that are available for your viewing pleasure at the click of a button, Magic TV Box brings you the first ever in the industry – Arabic TV on demand. Watch all of your favorite Arabic TV series whenever you wish, starting with all the Ramadan 2012 TV series and onward.

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