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Whether you are seeking telecom services for your business or personal use, 011 Communications has a solution for you. We offer Direct Dial Phone Service from your home or business, affordable BYOD (bring your own device) Prepaid Wireless Service though MyTime Wireless, Unlimited International Calling Service from your home, Premium Prepaid Calling services that works from any mobile phone, Smart or not; and the SkipRoaming™ app. You can download the free app from any Smartphone and start making free international calls or conference calls to all SkipRoaming™ app members.

We understand that it can be difficult and aggravating to even attempt to find a company who can provide a variety of telecom services that is less expensive than the one you’re currently using and still have the multi-calling capabilities that 011 provide. Because of this, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create telecom services and affordable phone plans that improve undisrupted use at a reasonable price.

When you look at other companies out there, you may find that their products only work from Smartphones. But at 011 Communications, we endeavor to provide a variety of different telecom services so no customers are left out. Technology savvy customers can take advantage of our free international calling service through the SkipRoaming™ app. Family members overseas can utilize our international phone plan for landlines, or a direct dial service as well.

If you’re not entirely confident in your tech skills, fear not! Our affordable phone plans work on any landline or cell phone, smart or not. Give us a call when it’s time to switch to a more affordable, low-cost telecom plan that can give you the services you need. Get started with us online now to speak to a representative in your own language about our services!

Call mobile phones and landlines around the world from your cell or landline at great low calling rates or start making free app to app international calls by downloading the free SkipRoaming™ app.