011 Communications

Top Rated National® Telecommunications Experts

Simply pick up your home or business phone
and start dialing:

  • 1+ for all Domestic Long Distance calls and
  • 011+ for all International calls

and receive TWO MONTHS of FREE long distance service every year!*

No matter if you are placing a phone call across the globe to do business or you’re calling a friend to catch up on life, you shouldn’t have to deal with a connection that’s subpar. Sign up for Direct Dial Long Distance with your home or business phone and just start dialing!

To make Domestic Long Distance calls, dial +1, then dial the phone number.

To make Unlimited International calls, dial 011+, then dial the phone number

To better understand our Direct Dial Long Distance and Unlimited International Calling rates, give us, 011 Communications, a call now!

No cheap internet phone calls, (VoIP), all international calls include crystal clear connections and 011 Communications have given millions of dollars worth of Free International calls through 2 months free credits since 1989!

*Free invoice credit based upon average actual long distance charges of previous 5 invoices Free Invoice Credit not to exceed current long distance charges of invoice subject to promotion.

**VIP customers will receive 30 minutes of free international calling to the country you’ve call the most every month from your landline and 30 minutes of free international calling, you’ve called the most every month from your mobile phone.


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