Simply pick up your home or business phone
and start dialing:

  • 1+ for all Domestic Long Distance calls and
  • 011+ for all International calls

and receive TWO MONTHS of FREE long distance service every year!*

No matter if you are placing a phone call across the globe to do business or you’re calling a friend to catch up on life, you shouldn’t have to deal with a connection that’s subpar. Sign up for Direct Dial Long Distance with your home or business phone and just start dialing!

To make Domestic Long Distance calls, dial +1, then dial the phone number.

To make Unlimited International calls, dial 011+, then dial the phone number

To better understand our Direct Dial Long Distance and Unlimited International Calling rates, give us, 011 Communications, a call now!

No cheap internet phone calls, (VoIP), all international calls include crystal clear connections and 011 Communications have given millions of dollars worth of Free International calls through 2 months free credits since 1989!

*Free invoice credit based upon average actual long distance charges of previous 5 invoices Free Invoice Credit not to exceed current long distance charges of invoice subject to promotion.


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